Apply & Buy // capital one

ux, ixd, ui


Apply & Buy is a modal based application intended to integrate within a retail partner's checkout flow. As a feature, it was created to be partner-agnostic. 


UX/UI Designer


4 months


- Customer current and projected journey map

- Information architecture for MVP user flow and error states

- Responsive web design

- Research plan for upcoming usability testing





Current state

We used Neiman Marcus, an existing partner, as a pilot partner for this project. This is how our credit card application fits into their current flow.

(current state journey map)




Projected state

In its current state, the application is an aside to the shopping experience, mostly out of sight. With Apply & Buy, we wanted to recreate the in-store shopping experience for online shopping by including the credit card application as part of the check out process. 

(projected journey map)


information architecture

Working closely with the product team, I created user flows for all possible entry points and error states that took into account both the partner's platform and our own. 

(sitemap slideshow)


first iterations