Web and Graphic Design


emotionalGRIT celebrates a new style of leadership using kindness, empathy, and compassion as the way forward both in life and business. I joined this project to assist with building out the emotionalGRIT brand under the globalGRIT umbrella. This project supports the upcoming book launch for the founder, Neeta Bhushan. 


Web and graphic design




Web design
Book cover






  • To create a new logo for EmotionalGRIT that reflects the GlobalGRIT brand
  • To build a web presence for EmotionalGRIT following an existing guildeline




LOGO design



While a brand guideline and style were already established, a logo was required for EmotionalGRIT. The logo needed to be distinct from the globalGRIT logo, but also needed to look like part of the brand family. 


After several rounds of iterations, we arrived at the final logo. I used a brighter hue of the brand's gold color, in a balanced, enclosed shape.






We approached the project with the understanding that this would be the first of many iterations. In its current form, the homepage serves as a tool for promoting the upcoming book and the movement. During this phase, I worked very closely with the copy writer and client to define the visual message of emotionalGRIT. Must-haves for the client were sticky social media buttons on the left and a pre-order button on the right. 




Going forward

As we continue to develop the website, it will also include pages about the author, the book, and media. As the team's digital and graphic designer, I also create graphics for their social media channels, and am in the process of designing the book cover. The emotionalGRIT book is set to be released July 2016.